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Adopt A Spot

Many spots throughout the County can be adopted- reach out to us if you need help deciding on a spot to adopt Adoptee’s maintain their Spot by keeping it free of litter and debris on an ongoing basis with a two-year commitment Spot maintenance takes approximately 2 to 3 hours per cleanup, including the time it takes to file a cleanup report

Choose your preferred spot; KPWB will recommend a spot upon request

  • Plan and oversee at least two (2) cleanups a year
  • Agree to a 2-year commitment
  • Report data: number of volunteers, hours, and amount of litter collected
  • The metal signs are 18 inches tall x 24 inches wide.
  • They are made of .080 aluminum.
  • They are reflective.
  • The signs are secured to 8ft (4×4) posts with bolts/nuts.
  • The posts are set 2 ½ft – 3ft deep into the ground.
  • The holes are filled with Quikrete or Foam setting compound
  • Sign placements are final, so please make sure you review yours

When a spot is adopted through the program, KPWB provides all of the materials needed to clean the spot. All supplies can be picked up at our office, 4391 Ridgewood Center Dr, Suite F, Woodbridge, VA 22192.

After the adoption is finalized and the second cleanup requirement is met, a sign is installed at the spot featuring the volunteer’s name.

Adopt-a-Spot Toolkit Includes: Gloves, Litter Pickers, Trash Bags, Level 3 Safety Vests, Personalized Sign, Litter Education, and Safety Training

According to Keep America Beautiful, the presence of litter can decrease property value by 7% and increase crime. Adopt-a-Spots help ensure that communities stay clean, remain safe, and inspire people to be environmental stewards. Data collected from cleanups is analyzed and reported to the county, state, and additional environmental data systems and is used to enforce county policy to ensure areas STAY clean.

KPWB Adopt-A-Spot Interest Form

    I/We agree to conform to all terms and requirements of the Adopt-a-Spot Program as established by Keep Prince William Beautiful, attached hereto, and incorporated herein by reference. All sign placements are final. The Applicant with whom this agreement is entered agrees that it shall at all times defend, indemnify and hold harmless Keep Prince William Beautiful, and its directors, officers, employees, and agents, from all responsibility, damage, or liability of any kind whatsoever, which may arise in any manner from Applicant's, or its officers', directors' employees', agents', permittees' or invitees', participation in the Adopt-a-Spot Program, or in traveling to or from a Spot which may have been adopted in accordance with the requirements of the Program. Keep Prince William Beautiful will terminate the agreement at any time the applicants do not comply with this agreement or at any time the Applicant's work effort is considered unsafe. Keep Prince William Beautiful reserves the right to revise or discontinue this Program at any time. Please note that Prince William County employees are not to clean up on paid time. By accepting an Adopt-a-Spot through Keep Prince William Beautiful, I/we accept the commitment to clean up our Adopt-a-Spot twice each calendar year, with a minimum of two cleanups annually for two years. Furthermore, we agree to submit reports promptly following each cleanup to the Keep Prince William Beautiful organization. Should I/we not be able to maintain our spot as indicated, I/we agree to contact Keep Prince William Beautiful as soon as possible to discuss spot options. Please type the name as proof of acknowledgment:

AAS Supply Request

Please fill out the following form to inform Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB) when you plan on having your next cleanup! This will allow us to ensure we have enough supplies for everyone. We are more than happy to provide supplies including trashbags, gloves, vests, grabbers, a first aid kit, and landfill vouchers (plus goodies for volunteers). KPWB requests that the AAS cleanup coordinators complete an online reporting form following a cleanup to allow KPWB to utilize and report data. Community members are encouraged to host an AAS cleanup in both the Fall and Spring, to ensure that their communities' stay clean, green, and beautiful.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    The date must be a minimum of FOUR WEEKS from today's date.
  • If you are disposing of the trash yourself, please leave blank.
  • Items may be requested but are in limited quantity. We will do our best to meet all requests, however please realize that some times of year are busier than others and we work on a first come, first serve basis.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    We recommend the day before your clean up or the morning of. Our office hours are 8:30AM-4:30PM.