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The 7th annual Thirst Gala occurred this Monday on June 13th where multiple celebrities attended the fundraising event, including Jennifer Garner, YouTuber JC Caylen, “Sing it!’s” Debbie Ryan, and Kristen Vangsness of “Criminal Minds”.

Celebrities in Thirst Gala1


The Thirst project hosted the Thirst Gala to raise money for underdeveloped countries to help provide clean water for them. The event allows for the guests to have firsthand contact to the communities that are supported by the Thirst Project.  In 2015, the event raised over $240,000 for the project which is a clear indication as to how influential the program is.

thirst project

About one billion people on our planet do not have access to safe cleaning water; women and children in certain underdeveloped nations have the responsibility to collect water within 5-gallon jerry cans which weigh about 44 pounds.

The Thirst Project has served 306, 823 people so far in 13 different countries and so far they have raised over 8 million dollars to help contribute to the global water crisis. The program has over 1,800 projects to help these countries solve their drinking water problem such as the construction of wells or bio-sand water filters. To learn more about this organization, click here!