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Litter Survey

The Litter Survey is a quarterly survey of several key areas of Prince William County. Those who volunteer for the program receive training and then spend the morning riding around the county rating the amount of litter they see using a 1 to 4 litter index scale. Surveys last 3—4 hours.

Volunteer Involvement

  • Sign up for pre-selected date.
  • Attend training on the morning of the event.
  • Ride in van and conduct survey.
  • Participate in Trivia activities during van ride.
  • Enjoy post-event lunch with KPWB.
  • Report survey results.

According to Keep America Beautiful, the presence of litter can decrease property value by 7% and increase crime. The survey results are used by KPWB, the Prince William County government, and national litter organizations to determine the effectiveness of local litter control programs and the cost of litter and littering to the environment. Surveys also serve as an opportunity for KPWB to locate littered sites for cleanups and Adopt-a-Spots.

The Litter Index is a method we use to ‘score’ the amount of litter in a specific area.  The index ranges from 1 to 4, with 1 being very minimally littered and 4 being highly littered.  Through this visual assessment of our community, we determine where we need to focus our outreach and education, and litter cleanup efforts.