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Storm Drain Awareness

Storm drain labeling is possible on any storm drain in Prince William County. Groups or individuals receive training and education, apply labels, and distribute educational information to the surrounding community. Labeling usually takes about 2 – 3 hours including pre and post-activities.

Select an unlabeled location; KPWB will suggest a location upon request and also offers events every few months.

  • Receive training and tool kit from programming staff.
  • Label pre-selected drains and note labeled locations.
  • Distribute educational door hangers to surrounding residents to inform them of the job you did and why it is important.
  • Take a survey of the nearest shopping center for future events.

Educating the community about stormwater management and stormwater pollution prevention will ensure a safer and cleaner environment for the nearby lakes, streams, and rivers, which we utilize for swimming, fishing, and as a source for drinking water. Too much litter in our storm drain system can also cause a blockage in the water flow within the storm drain structures, which can result in flooding and erosion problems. The absence of this litter accumulation will prevent unnecessary stress and damage to waterways, private property, and important infrastructure. Storm Drain Labeling changes the attitudes of the community towards stormwater management and pollution prevention through one of the most effective ways of keeping our water bodies clean, by preventing pollution from happening in the first place.