RFQ 1.500122 Questions & Responses

QUESTION 1: Will the artists be monetarily compensated for their time?

RESPONSE: The selected artist(s) will be provided a $500 grant to create the artwork. Artists will also receive half (50%) of the proceeds gained at auction of the artwork at the end of the display period.

QUESTION 2: I was wondering if you are selected as one of the artists, is this a paid event? Will artists be paid for the time and labor?

RESPONSE: See Question 1.

QUESTION 3: Are the panels going in the bus stops? Is each artist/artist team responsible for 5 panels for $500 total? Or is each panel $500?

RESPONSE: The plexglass panels are installed directly onto shelter in the rear sections. See also Questions 2 and 3.

QUESTION 4: Do I need to provide a separate sheet of paper for my website information or can I just have it on the actual application form in the Social Media section?

RESPONSE: Website URLs can be added to the application form as links to social media.

QUESTION 5: How big are the panels?

RESPONSE: Five (5) blank plexiglass panels measure approximately 27.7 inches wide by 75.75 inches tall.

QUESTION 6: Does the art have to completely fill the panels or can you leave it clear above or below the image?

RESPONSE: The artwork does not have to fill the panels. The artist will determine the extent of the canvas to be filled to complete a compelling, visually attracting and distinct work.

QUESTION 7: Where can we find the RFQ?
QUESTION 8: Does the artist have to live or work in Prince William County?

RESPONSE: Artists interested in submitting applications for this project can be located with their residence or business anywhere in Prince William County or must have a team member located with a residence or business within the County.

QUESTION 9: How firm is the deadline?

RESPONSE: Any artist not on schedule to meet the deadline for artwork completion should notify the Steering Committee as soon as possible before the deadline. The Steering Committee will work with the artist to have the work completed in a timely manner.

QUESTION 10: Can you speak to the installation process? How will they attach to the shelters?

RESPONSE: See Question 5.

QUESTION 11: Do you do the sealing process or does the artist do?

RESPONSE: The artist is responsible for sealing the artwork before it is returned to PRTC.

QUESTION 12: Can we get an estimate of how much the sealant costs?

RESPONSE: Depending on the type of paint used, a spray or brush on artwork varnish or finish can range from $5-$50. It is up to the artist to make the best determination on which sealant to use. The Steering Committee will provide use- case examples post award.

QUESTION 13: Is it better to mail the application or drop it off?

RESPONSE: See Also Section V. Applications can be mailed or hand delivered but must be received in the office by May 27, 2002 at 5pm EDT.

QUESTION 14: If we do drop it off is there a special place to put it or do we just tell the person at the front?

RESPONSE: Application packets can be delivered to Keep Prince William Beautiful staff in the office or placed in the KPWB mailbox located in the entry level during off hours. Please confirm delivery or receipt if dropped off unattended.

QUESTION 15: How do we manage the resume and reference contacts for groups?

RESPONSE: One individual in the group should complete and submit the application for the group and provide the name, resume and social media links for all members of the group.

QUESTION 16: Is this project with the installation and the auction all within a year? Are you going to do it again in another year?

RESPONSE: Artwork will be displayed on bus shelters for one year (365 days) from installation. Yes, additional bus shelters will be selected for display prior to the initial one year period.

QUESTION 17: There will be a different artist every year? The requirements for the project this year will be the same for the artists for future of the program?

RESPONSE: Correct. The process for selecting artist will remain the same unless changed by the Steering Committee. New artists will be selected for future projects.

QUESTION 18: Do we know the five locations?

RESPONSE: 1. North Bound Route 1 at River Heritage (near Walmart) 2. Old Bridge and Antitum (across from Woodbridge High School) 3.Dale Blvd and Minniville Road (in front of Giant Shopping Center) 4. Prince William County Parkway (In front of PWC County Building MCCourt) 5. Sudley Road and Diggs (in front of NOVANT Health)

QUESTION 19: We don't have to submit our idea in the application process?

RESPONSE: Correct. Conceptual designs will be submitted by artists post award.