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On July 19th, 2017, Taylor Thornton and Gabriel Leggieri conducted a presentation on recycling to a group of eager children. At Marshall Elementary School in Manassas, Virginia, the Student Age Child Care (SACC) program was participating in a summer club for children of all elementary school ages. During this program Taylor and Gabe presented a slideshow for the children, read the book “Michael Recycle,” taught them more about the work done at Keep Prince William Beautiful, quizzed the kids about recycling and awarded prizes. They even presented the information on the beautiful quad-fold board, created by Maggie Howell.


The majority of the children were well knowledged on the topic already, but mentioned that they don’t participate in recycling as often as they should. One child even said that they were going to go home and teach their parents more about it. Once the presentation was over the children were excited and enthusiastic about going out and becoming their own recycling superheros.  


KPWB is looking forward to our visit to Rosa Parks Elementary School on Wednesday next week! Hopefully they will be ready to explore the fun world of recycling with us. Here at KPWB we strive to Do Beautiful Things through educating our youth.