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Welcome to summer! As the temperature rises over the next couple of months, people will naturally spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it is going for a swim, riding your bike, or just taking a walk around your neighborhood, summer is jam packed with outdoor activities for people of all ages. This Technical Tuesday we’ll take a look Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Air Quality Index to help you stay safe while enjoying the summer sun.


Air Quality Index, or AQI for short, measure how polluted the air is on a certain day. The EPA takes the amount of harmful pollutants in the air and assigns it a value from 0 to 500, with 0 being perfect and 500 being the worst.


Good AQI is 0 to 50, moderate is 51 to 100, unhealthy for sensitive groups is 101 to 150, unhealthy is 151 to 200, and anything above 200 is very hazardous.


So the next time you’re headed out to enjoy the summer sun, make sure you take a look at the Air Quality for the day. The AQI for Tuesday, June 14th is 32, which is good!


AirNow – Air Quality Index Basics