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Press Release

KPWB Announces Smart Car Wash as Adopt-a-Spot of the Month Sponsor

Prince William County, VA (March 7, 2014) Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB) is excited to announce the Smart Car Wash in Woodbridge, VA as sponsor of the Adopt-a-Spot of the Month Award. The Adopt-a-Spot program exists through partnerships between community groups and KPWB. These partnerships allow groups to “adopt” spots with high litter rates and collect litter and debris. Smart Car Wash has generously agreed to donate monthly prizes and one yearly prize to acknowledge KPWB volunteers for their spot maintenance and reporting.

Each month one Adopt-a-Spot group is awarded for their consistent clean-up efforts. In the month of February, Dolores Gee and Family won the Adopt-a-Spot of the Month Award for their excellence in keeping their spot litter free and reporting their cleanup efforts. Thanks to the new Smart Car Wash partnership, this family will be awarded a Full Platinum Service Car Wash from Smart Car Wash. This prize consists of a car wash, spot free rinse, clear sealant, wipe down, vacuuming and more. In addition, Smart Car Wash has agreed to donate a yearly prize of one Bumper to Bumper Detailing. This yearly prize is awarded to the Adopt-a-Spot group who best keeps their spot clean and litter free.

The Smart Car Wash is a LEED certified environmentally friendly car wash, and an affordable option that is green and good for the environment. They keep the community clean by recycling 100% of their water and using biodegradable chemicals to keep local rivers safe. Their building collects rainwater and was specifically built to use 99% less energy than other buildings.

KPWB is proud to be partnered with a business that cares so strongly about the environment. With their shared goals of environmental sustainability, KPWB and Smart Car Wash is a well-matched partnership. Through this partnership, both Smart Car Wash and KPWB hope to both protect and maintain Prince William County’s environment.