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KPWB relies on volunteers to ensure Prince William County is a premiere community that attracts residents, businesses and tourists; has a strong community engagement and pride; and creates a clean, beautiful, sustainable environment for future generations.   Prince William County benefits from the hundreds of KPWB volunteers each year, and our volunteers benefit too! Volunteers lead community cleanup projects, participate in beautification activities, support booths and games as community events, assist in the office, and much more! Whether you’re an individual, an organization, or a corporate group, we have the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! KPWB has both one-time and ongoing opportunities available year-round.

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Adopt-a-Spot Program: Coordinator

Coordinators organize cleanups for their group, organization, or family’s selected Spot at least nine times a year.   KPWB provides supplies, training and a personalized sign at the Spot location.  Coordinators submit how many hours and bags were collected after each cleanup; this data is analyzed and reported to the county, state and additional environmental data systems.

Beautification Program: Participant

Volunteers improve and maintain public areas that have gone neglected – mainly shopping centers and adjacent properties.  Activities include painting, planting, sanding, weeding, mulching, and collecting debris.  Projects  allow Prince William County to continue to maintain an attractive and safe community.

Community Cleanup Program: Participant

Volunteers assist with litter pickups throughout Prince William County.  Volunteers may suggest a location and/or sign up for one of KPWB’s many hosted cleanups.  Communities, neighborhoods  and organizations are invited to register for a Fall and Spring Cleanup with KPWB.  KPWB provides gloves, grabbers, vests, trash bags, hauler vouchers, giveaways, water, and snacks. Together, we maintain a clean and sustainable Prince William County.

Educational Outreach Program: Booth Support and/or Educator

Booth Support Volunteers staff booths and games at special events throughout the county.  Educators are trained to educate civic associations, community groups, and classrooms on litter and recycling topics. Program Volunteers help the community learn about our environmental impact and steps they can take to keep Prince William Beautiful, leading to a more sustainable lifestyle!

Litter Survey Program: Surveyor

Surveyors attend training and then spend the morning riding around the County rating the amount of litter they see using a 1 to 4 litter index scale.  Surveys are conducted on a quarterly basis and lunch is provided. The survey results are used by KPWB, Prince William County government, and national litter organizations to determine the cost of littering to the environment.

Shopping Center Program: Surveyor

Surveyors volunteer 35 minutes of time to complete a 25-point long evaluation of  a local shopping center.  Surveys are used by KPWB and the Prince William County Government to understand the environmental impact of shopping centers in Prince William County. Collected data is also used to inform KPWB of centers that need a community cleanup or beautification project.

Storm Drain Program: Drain Labeler

Drain Labelers are educated, trained and then provided with supplies to label storm drains with “No Dumping” labels.  Active community members, students, teachers, organizations and other individuals can organize their own projects in their neighborhood.  KPWB provides labels, adhesive, vests, safety signs, and  support.  Drain labeling educates the community about the connection between litter and clean water.

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