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Adopt A Spot

Have you ever seen litter in Prince William County? Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes. Through the Adopt-a-Spot Program, community members takes charge of the health of their neighborhood, block or favorite spot.

Program Details

Almost any place can be adopted – School grounds, library sites, parks, residential common areas, etc. Adoptee’s maintain their Spot free of litter and debris on an ongoing basis for a minimum of two years.
Spot maintenance takes approximately 2 to 3 hours per cleanup, including the time it takes to file a cleanup report.

Get involved! Become an adopter today! Fill out the Adopt-a-Spot application, and help Keep Prince William Beautiful!

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Community Benefits

According to Keep America Beautiful, the presence of litter can decrease property value by 7% and increase crime. Adopt-a-Spots help ensure that communities stay clean , remain safe, and inspire people to be environmental stewards.  Data collected from cleanups  is analyzed and reported to the county, state, and additional environmental data systems and is used to enforce county policy to ensure areas STAY clean.

Volunteer Involvement

  • Choose spot; KPWB will recommend a spot upon request.
  • Plan and oversee 9 cleanups a year.
  • Agree to 2-year commitment.
  • Report data: number of volunteers, hours, and amount of litter collected.

When a spot is adopted through the program, KPWB provides all of the materials needed to clean the spot. We will deliver the supplies to the volunteer and present a litter safety/training seminar before they get started.  KPWB will continue to provide supplies as needed.

After adoption is finalized, a sign is installed by the spot featuring the volunteer’s name.

Adopt-a-Spot Toolkit Includes: Gloves, Grabbers (max. 5), Trash Bags, Level 3 Safety Vests, Personalized Sign, Name on KPWB Website, Litter Education and Safety Training