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We are thrilled to announce that last week we held another successful litter survey. Our programs coordinator Damir, worked hard to fill the van with volunteers and prepare all the educational materials we needed to show our first-timers how to properly assess an area. All the volunteers gathered in the KPWB office bright and early Wednesday morning to watch a quick instructional video and we were on the road by 9:30am. The survey was lead by Damir and other participants included three of our office interns, one of our Adopt-a-Spot sponsors, and four additional volunteers. Our driver Tom was an absolute pleasure and he was able to share with us his own experiences and expertise regarding heavily littered areas in the county. In between surveying different regions, we played a fun trivia game with our volunteers and quizzed them on facts regarding litter, recycling, compost, and so on. This also gave everyone a chance to win some of our KPWB prizes, including: coffee mugs, cups, key-chain lights, pens, and lollipops. Every volunteer also received a complimentary “KPWB Volunteer” t-shirt at the beginning of the survey. By the end of our drive everyone left the van with a prize as a ‘thank you’ for joining us. We arrived back at the office around 12:30pm where Aliya, our Office Manager, greeted us with a catered lunch from Subway. We had a great time with our volunteers and are already looking forward to our next litter survey.