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Well guys, it’s only 8 days till Halloween and I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited! Now with the holiday coming up so quickly, I was trying to figure out a fun, easy decoration that wouldn’t take up a lot of space. So, naturally I decided to hit KPWB’s Pinterest board to see if anything caught my eye. Turns out, one of our followers sent KPWB some really great Halloween upcycle pins that I was excited to do. So with the help of KPWB and, I can show you how to make a simple bottle look like a tasteful and spirited Halloween vase!


Step 1: Gather your supplies


Unlike my previous post, you can use materials that can easily be found around the house. So, you’ll need:


  1. A wine bottle (If you don’t have one around, you can use any glass bottle.)
  2. White, yellow and orange paint (You can either use spray paint or acrylic. I used a combination of both.)

That’s truly all you need.


Step 2. Apply your base coat


Using the white paint, apply a coat of paint to the bottle. After it’s completely coated, leave it to dry for approximately 30 minutes maybe a little longer depending on the type of paint.


Step 3. Apply second coat


Using either the yellow or orange paint (I’d recommend orange, then yellow if you want it to look like candy corn.) Apply the paint further down the bottle, leaving the top white. Once again, wait for the paint to dry before moving on to the final touches.


Step 4. Apply the final coat and admire your work.


Once your bottle has dried, apply the final coat of paint to your bottle. After you’re done with that leave it to dry and admire a new Halloween decoration.


Final Thoughts:


I had a lot of fun with project, it’s easy and a beautiful piece for Halloween. However, because of all the waiting involved, I would only recommend this to someone who has the time and the patience to see it through. Other then that, I would definitely recommend this as a great Halloween activity. Want to see more? Check out our KPWB Pinterest page! And check back every Friday for another fun activity!