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Despite the snow storm this past Saturday, we were able to attend the annual Neighborhood Conference held at the Development Services Building here in Woodbridge. David Jung, one of our office interns, was accompanied by one of our volunteers, Nicholas DeFilippis, to run the KPWB booth. The conference is an event organized by the Neighborhood Services Division, an organization committed to assisting communities to overcome any issues and challenges that may present themselves within their region. It is a great opportunity for local residents to interact and network with County Staff, industry experts, and other community leaders to discuss effective solutions for neighborhood improvement. Unfortunately the event was cut short due to severe weather, but David and Nicholas were still able to spend four hours educating members of the community about our company, our programs, and the many opportunities that we offer. They had the chance to personally discuss the vision and values of KPWB on a one-on-one basis with a variety of different attendees. We love seeing our staff, interns, and volunteers take the time to participate in community outreach and share the same passion towards our cause that we see in the office every day. Make sure to check our events calendar as we are constantly participating in community events and stop by our booth in the future.