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WildAid, an organization dedicated to ending illegal wildlife trade, partners up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron. ‘The Terminator’ and ‘True Lies’ actors are teaming up to help with WildAid’s “5 To Do Today” climate campaign. The organization had previously teamed up with the Chinese Nutrition Society for the same campaign to reduce the rate meat consumption in China which is expected to rise by 50% in the year 2030.

China’s population currently consists of 13.1 billion people, so if the goal is to cut meat consumption by at least half, greenhouse gas emissions would be cut significantly or health related issues as far as diabetes or heart disease would decrease in the country.

China is responsible for consuming about 28% of the whole world’s meat as well as about half of the world’s pork and livestock and meat consumption contributes to about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. If half of China would be able to reduce their consumption of meat, then the emissions of greenhouse gases globally would be 1.5%, but if they were to continue with no reduction of any meat and if the rate of consumption continues to increase, then the greenhouse gas emissions will be able to raise by 51% by 2030 according to WildAid.

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James Cameron is known for being a great film director, but he is also a deep sea diver! He’s always been an advocate for spreading awareness for environmental issues, climate changes, or other ecological topics. Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to help Cameron spread awareness and to get the word out about the “5 To Do Today” campaign. Cameron is a strong believer that if China is able to take the first step into reducing meat intake, they are able to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. When meat is cooked, it can emit more carbon dioxide than exhaust from vehicles! If we were to limit the demand and consumption of animal based emissions, we would be able to limit global warming by two degrees Celsius which is essentially the goal.


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