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With the help of social media and technology, we can have access to everything we need with the press of a button. With these strides in technology if we want to show anything to anyone, particularly photos all we need to do is tap an app on our phone or computer. Sometimes though, it’s nice to have a memento that you don’t have to pull up on your phone (or worry about accidentally deleting…it happens.) So, I started looking around KPWB’s Pinterest and a DIY project that one of our followers sent caught my eye. It was from Popsugar and if done correctly, you could make your own canvas prints from your photos. Once I read it through, I knew I had to try it.


Step 1:

Unlike my past posts, you’re going to need a more things then usual, and one or two items you’ll need to get from the craft store.


  1. Canvas ( Popsugar suggests using a 6×6 size canvas, but those are pretty small. So, I decided to grab an 8×10.)
  2. A photo (This can come from your Instagram, Facebook, anywhere you have photos.)
  3. Mod Podge ( You can find it at any craft store.)
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Foam brush
  6. Black acrylic paint
  7. Newspaper
  8. Scissors


Step 2:


Lay your canvas on the newspaper. Cut your photo out and lay it on the canvas, making sure its positioned the way you want it.


Step 3:

Once you’ve placed your picture, put it aside. Then, grab your foam brush and begin to coat the canvas with Mod Podge before putting the picture back down on the canvas. It’s important that you try and smooth out the photo on the canvas, but don’t freak out if there are small bumps. Once you’ve done that, let it dry for an hour.


Step 4:

Once the first layer of Mod Podge has dried, add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the photo. Let it dry for an hour.


Step 5:

Once your Mod Podge has dried, paint your edges with the acrylic paint and let it dry.



Step 6:

Once your canvas has completely dried, figure out where to put you’re new art.


Final Thoughts:

I was not very happy with this project. There were a lot of things that could’ve made it better. For starters, it would’ve probably been better to use the canvas size that Popsugar suggested because the photo I chose would’ve been worked a lot better. Also, maybe after I added the first layer of Mod Podge I could’ve placed something on top of the canvas to help smooth it out better. Overall, I think if I had to do it over again, and I applied those types of tips it would turn out better. Want to see more fun DIY projects? Check back every Friday for more fun posts and our Pinterest board for more fun projects!