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Even though fall has just arrived, the holidays are quietly sneaking up on us. In just three months Christmas will be here and all of us will be scrambling to figure out what to get our friends and family. Well, what if there was a simple, easy gift you could make out of materials around your house? Thanks to KPWB’s Pinterest and Modcloth’s “Let It Snow: How to Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe” you can!


Step 1: Gather your supplies


You should be able find everything you need around the house. That’s why this is such an great project to make.


  1. A mason jar ( The Modcloth post does not specify what size, so the author found a quarter pint jar.)
  2. Glitter (While there are tons of glitter colors the author decided to go with KPWB’s green!)
  3. Water-resistant glue (This may sound like an oxymoron, but it does exist.)
  4. A small plastic figurine (Some of you may have some old plastic toys that can be used, but if you don’t have any, you can find one at your local toy store or craft store.)


Step 2: Attach the figurine


Carefully glue the figurine to the center of the inside of the lid. If you have a strong glue, the author would suggest putting some newspaper down so it doesn’t get on your work surface.


Step 3: Glitter your jar


The post instructs that you need enough glitter to cover the bottom of the jar. Once you have that, fill the jar with water.


Step 3: Glue your lid


Along the inner edge of the lid, carefully apply the glue and attach the inside part of the Mason jar lid to the glued portion. It is important to seal the two portions of the lid together to make it watertight


Step 4: Assemble


Screw the lid onto the jar. Turn the jar upside and enjoy the snowstorm!



Final Thoughts:


While this project was pretty easy, the author found certain parts of it that could be tweaked. For instance, try a jar that isn’t so wide. Also, when it comes to glitter someone once told this author that you can never have enough glitter. THEY WERE WRONG! Maybe it was the color that was chosen or maybe too much was added, but the author strongly advises to use either silver or gold. With the exception of those two things, this was overall an enjoyable project. Want to see more? Check out KPWB’s Pinterest for fun DIY projects and check back with us every Friday for more!

Let It Snow: How to Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe