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Easy DIY’s Aren’t Always Easy

By December 4, 2015No Comments

We’ve been told that things are not easy, that we shouldn’t take the easy way out. So, naturally when I found a pin on KPWB’s Pinterest board with some easy nail polish projects, I hesitated. In the end though, I decided to check it out and had some interesting pins and I decided to try one of the easier pins, I quickly learned though, it may not have been the best choice.


Step 1: Gather your supplies


For this project, you’ll really only need these items:


  1. Ear Buds (I used some old earbuds from Five Below, but any will work.)
  2. Nail polish (Choose whatever color you want.)


Step 2. Paint the cord


Lay the cord flat on the table and begin to cover a section with nail polish. Try to paint quickly because it will dry immediately.


Step 3. Paint the rest


Once you’ve finished with the first section begin painting the other parts of the cord, making sure the spacing is even.


Step 4. Wait to dry and admire your work


Once the nail polish has dried, plug in your earbuds and admire your paint job.


Final thoughts:

This was not my favorite project. While it was quick, it was mostly cosmetic and not necessarily the good kind. I realized though, it would have been better if I used tape to section off parts of the cord. That would make it easier to paint evenly. On the plus side, I was able to use up some of my nail polish. Want to see more? Check out KPWB’s Pinterest page for more fun upcycle projects! And be sure to check in with us every Friday for another fun project.