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We all want to keep our environment out of harm’s way. We recycle, upcycle, and clean litter in our communities to help preserve the environment. But did you know that you could also be helping the environment through smart buying choices? For just about every cleaning material, personal care product, or common household object you use, there is an eco-friendly alternative.

Ecofriendly products are becoming increasingly popular. The other day, I was scrolling though social media and I noticed several clever ideas for green products. I saw ecofriendly recycled paper pencils, sustainably produced sunscreen with plastic free containers, and biodegradable palm-leaf plates and cutlery. Creative, right? These are just a few of endless options for buying ecofriendly products.

Preserving the environment starts with you making a few simple changes to your purchasing choices. I gathered some ecofriendly products I found to be the most interesting and provided a link to where you can purchase them:

Hopefully this short list inspires you to make more environment-friendly purchasing decisions. Check out this article by for a larger collection of ecofriendly products to add to your shopping list.

(These product brands do not sponsor or endorse Keep Prince William Beautiful in any way)