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Can you feel it? It’s starting to get a little cooler, the leaves are slowly changing color, and Starbucks is starting to bring out pumpkin flavored drinks. That means only one thing.


Fall is coming.


Now, while this author enjoys breaking out the skinny jeans and the chunky sweaters there is one thing she, like many people do not enjoy as it gets colder, and that is the feeling of chapped lips. Yuck. The worst part is that buying tons of Chapstick to avoid sandpaper lips, only to not be able to find it. It stinks. What if there was a way to keep your lip balm close and in a stylish manner. Thanks to KPWB’s Pinterest board,, and Buzzfeed’s “33 DIY Gifts You Can Make In Less Than An Hour” you can.


Step 1. Gather your supplies


You’ll need:


  1. A locket (The author would strongly suggest using a locket that doesn’t have sentimental value. If you don’t have one, you can find one at Hot Topic.)
  2. Lip Balm (Radical Possibility used lip butter, but the author thought that Chapstick would be practical.)
  3. A knife (Butter knife would be preferred.)
  4. A hair dryer


Step 2: Cut up your lip balm


While this may seem like a simple step, you need to cut enough balm to fill the locket. How much you’ll need depends on how deep the locket is.


Step 3: Set hair dryer on low


Position the hair dryer around the locket in intervals so that the balm melts evenly. Also, at this point the author and Radical suggest putting down newspaper because the balm will start to splatter.


Step 4: Freeze it

That’s right, the author found that the balm was extremely runny after melting, so she stuck it in the fridge. An hour later the lip balm had set.


Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, this was a fun project. However, the author would recommend that you do it when you know you have time because it is not a quick fifteen-minute project. Also, the author would recommend spreading the balm more thoroughly in the locket. Other then that it was an interesting project. Want more? Check out KPWB’s Pinterest Board and come back every Friday for more DIY posts!