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Everyone always says, ‘ the eyes are the window to the soul.’ So, naturally, when you go to someone’s house you can tell a lot about a person from the walkway, the plants, or even the front door. Now with Halloween approaching, I thought about what to put on the front door. While combing through Pinterest for KPWB, I decided to look at some DIY wreaths. After looking at several squashed witches against the door, I found a wreath that seemed great, so with the help of KPWB’s Pinterest board and I decided to try and make it.


Step 1: Gather your supplies


Now, with this project there’s a chance you won’t have these things around the house, but since it’s Halloween you should be able to easily find them. You’ll need:


  1. A grapevine wreath (If you don’t have a plain one, you can get one at Michaels. Or if you want to go the extra mile learn how to make one here)
  2. Plastic snakes (I know this seems kind of weird and I’m not sure if you have any, I had one from an old project, but the rest I had to get from the party store.)
  3. A hot glue gun
  4. Black spray paint

Optional: Floral wire


Step 2: Arrange your snakes


Take your snakes and lay them where you want to glue them while the hot glue gun heats up. Once the glue gun is ready, carefully glue the snakes to the wreath. Now, some of them may not stick completely to the wreath, so use the floral wire to keep them in place.


Step 3: Paint your wreath


This part you need to do outside…unless you’re planning to paint a part of your furniture black. Tie the wreath around a branch of a tree and gently spritz the wreath with spray paint. This will take awhile since you can’t get the entire wreath in one go.


Step 4: Hang up your wreath and admire your work


Once everything looks right and is dry (which will take a while because of all of the spray paint.) Hang your wreath on your door and watch as everyone notices your one of a kind wreath.


Final Thoughts:


I loved this project, but there were some hiccups. For instance, some of the snakes didn’t stick to the wreath, so I had to use wire to keep them on. Also, the snakes were still sticky after they were dry, but overall I thought this project was fun and I would recommend it for a Halloween decoration.