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How To Make a Water Bottle Change Purse

By August 28, 2015March 6th, 2020No Comments

It’s happened to all of us, you’re in the check out line of the store, you look in your wallet and you only have cash. You reluctantly hand it over to the cashier only for s/he to hand you back the dreaded CHANGE! Pennies, quarters and dimes, oh my! Then comes another problem: what do you do with it? Most likely you’ll either leave it in your purse or wallet or stick it in a jar and forget about it. What if you could make something that you could not only stick change in, but also other small items that you need on a daily basis? Well, thanks to Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB)’s Pinterest page and POPSUGAR’s smart living page, you can make one out of some very interesting things.


Step One: Gather your supplies

You’ll need:


  1. Two water bottles (Try to find some with smooth strong plastic, the author used some from Starbucks.)
  2. Scissors (While the photo shows an X-Acto knife, POPSUGAR suggests using very sharp scissors, so try that first.)
  3. A zipper (POPSUGAR suggests using a seven inch zipper, but it really depends on how wide your water bottles are. Unless you have an old pair of pants or shorts you wouldn’t miss, the author suggests getting a zipper from JoAnn’s or another fabric store.)
  4. A hot glue gun (Be advised that a hot glue gun is HOT, so please be careful.)


Step Two: Cut your bottles

This step may seem extremely simple, but it’s not. After drawing a small line exactly one and a half inches from the bottom. It was pointed out to the author that it may be easier to wrap a rubber band around the bottle and cut using the band as a guide. It is alright if the bottoms aren’t perfectly straight.


Step Three: Glue zipper

Wait for the glue gun to heat up, than gently squeeze glue onto the fabric part of the zipper. Almost immediately attach the fabric to the bottle, and try to evenly press the fabric along the plastic. Repeat with the other water bottle piece.


Final Thoughts:

Initially, when choosing this project, the author thought it would be interesting to pursue. However, upon completion, it was not at all how it was suppose to be. Despite following all of the instructions, the project did not look as it did in the picture. While it was fun to do, the author would suggest trying the project with a different type of bottle and possibly a smaller zipper. Interested in more fun DIY projects? Check out KPWB’s Pinterest board and check in every Friday for more posts!