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On December 1st KPWB went with volunteers into Prince Wiliam County neighborhoods and to local Establishments to label storm drains. Around 50 labels were put on local storm drains Friday morning to reach out to our community and educate residents on the hazardous effects polluting our storm drains has on our environment. KPWB is always looking for volunteers who are interested in helping to Label our Storm Drains, to inform the Prince William County residents our storm drains need to be kept free of litter, pet waste, and fertilizer because they can pollute our storm drain water. The storm drain water will directly flow into the Chesapeake Bay and contaminate it. The water from the Chesapeake Bay is water we use to drink, fish, swim and go boating. Therefore, the Bay should be kept clean. Residents who decide to sign up to label storm drains will be educated, receive training and distribute educational information to the community. If you’re interested in reaching out to your community, while stewarding your environment you can take advantage of this volunteer opportunity around your own schedule and in your own neighborhood. If you would like to learn more about how you can sign up to volunteer and label storm drains in your community visit our website