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Today’s technology has made outdoor play less and less common, but did you know that being outside is important to a child’s health and development? When given the choice between video games and playing in nature, children are more likely to pick the option with a screen. Not only is this hindering the growth of these children, but it is also lessening their knowledge of the environment around them.


While a child’s fine motor skills may be in tact from operating a controller, their large motor skills are being compromised. According to Denise Campbell, from, children are failing at activities that require strength such as sit-ups and pull-ups (2011). These skills used to come easier to children, since 1998 children that are not able to complete these tasks has doubled (Campbell, 2011). Playing outside could strengthen children’s bodies in many ways and help improve those odds.


Outdoor play is not only fun, but it is good for you too! Allyson Hepp, from, revealed five ways the environment can aid the health and development of children:


  • Boosts vision by reducing their chances of being nearsighted
  • Builds social skills by allowing children to work together and take turns in the playground
  • Strengthens attention spans while reducing ADHD symptoms
  • Lowers stress through relaxing and escaping their regular activities
  • Develops vitamin D intake through sun exposure.


So, next time you are ready to play make sure you go outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. Having fun in the environment is what KPWB is all about!




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