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Pokémon Go, as you may know, is a new “free-to-play, location-based, augmented reality, mobile app” where players look for and catch Pokémon, then train and battle them. The game uses your phone’s GPS while you play and your character moves as you walk around in real life.

Since players have downloaded the app, people have begun to explore and walk around their neighborhoods, parks, churches in search of Pokémon and PokéStops (location to obtain certain items in the game). Not only is this great exercise, but this is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in your community!


As you may know, the app occasionally takes a little longer to load and you end up waiting for a few minutes until the app starts to work.

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Take advantage of this time by picking up litter until the game loads!


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The next time you and your friends go on a walk in search of Pokémon, take a used grocery bag with you to pick up litter along the way.


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Also consider either carpooling while playing Pokémon Go or ditch the car and walk instead; all cars and trucks, even hybrids, discharge oil and harmful metal particles such as lead, zinc, and copper. In addition to carpooling, littering is not pretty to look at and can be harmful to the health of people, plants and animals.

Do your part by making Pokémon Go Green!


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