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Independence Day celebrations are the best! Yesterday, you may have taken a dip in the pool, barbequed with friends, or cheered on your favorite team at a baseball game. But at the end of the day, I’m sure that you got to celebrate with fireworks!

I was able to attend the major fireworks display in Manassas. There was a 45-minute downpour, but it didn’t dampen the show one bit. It was worth waiting in the rain for the amazing fireworks that followed! The loud booms and bursts of sparking colors were cheered on by the thousands of viewers. And it turned out that the rain was almost a good thing since it helped to wash the excessive smoke out of the air.

We all know that fireworks can cause much pollution if not kept in check. Greener fireworks, those that are rich in nitrogen and release less smoke, are the way to go. The days following the Fourth are crucial to making sure the excess pollution from setting off fireworks are cleaned up. I would encourage you to take a walk through your neighborhood this week and clean up the leftover bits of pollution caused by the fireworks.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day!