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Summer Clean-ups

By August 10, 2015No Comments

With the start of our new fiscal year we have new goals and new measure to accomplish. We are starting strong and have been hosting at least one community cleanup each week! Our two most recent cleanups have been with the U.S. Marine Corps SLCDA and the other with the staff of the Potomac Mills Target.

Our cleanup with the Marine Corps was held on Friday, July 24th and consisted of nearly 60 volunteers that collectively picked up roughly 500 pounds of litter. They focused their efforts in the Triangle Plaza shopping center and that surrounding area along the Route 1 corridor. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of young adults. We have worked with this student academy in the past and they never fail to go above and beyond in their work. Some students even found helmets and mats once they got into the deeper part of the bushes by the highway. Thank you so much to all of our Marine volunteers for such a successful cleanup, we look forward to working with this inspiring group again in the future!


The clean-up with the Target was held the following Wednesday as part of Target’s Community Outreach program. We had a total of 8 volunteers consisting of various staff members and their families. The weather was perfect and the team worked hard for a total of four hours. They focused their efforts in the area surrounding Station Plaza. It was a pleasure working with such a diligent group of volunteers. Everyone was enthusiastic through-out the whole day and had such a bright and positive attitude. The clean-up was led by Marketing Assistant, Veronica Lusetti, who was accompanied by Intern Trecia D’Costa. Both had a wonderful experience with this phenomenal group. The volunteers from Target have already expressed an interest in continuing to volunteer with KPWB!


We look forward to the many more clean-ups we have planned in the coming weeks!