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You would be surprise what you can make with just a little imagination and some everyday items. For instance, if you had a tin can and some old wallpaper you could make some nifty pencil holders. It is these very things that make upcycling both fun and (mostly) frugal. In this case, with the help of and the Keep Prince William Beautiful(KPWB)’s Pinterest page the author decided to make some art using a block of wood and some paint and not only did she find a nice project to do on a rainy day, but managed to turn it into something interesting.


Step 1. Gather your supplies

All you need for this project are three things:


  1. A wooden board ( the author used one that was a little too big, so it is recommended to get a 2×4 or smaller. Also, if you have some wood leftover from a remodel project use that, but you can also get it at any hardware store.)
  2. Paint (You should use around 6 different colors, Club Chica Circle used several bright colors, but the author decided to use a balance of light and dark, including KPWB’s signature colors light brown and light green.)
  3. Paint brushes


Step 2. Outline wood grain


Usually when you have a block of wood there are some parts of the grain that look different then the rest of the wood. With this activity, those are the parts that you want. With a small brush, outline along the edges so that you don’t end up painting outside of the grain you’ve selected.


Step 3. Paint in the grain


After you’ve outlined your wood, you’ll need to paint in the rest of the grain you’ve selected. This author took it a little further though and painted the rest wood black for a stunning contrast.


Step 4. Enjoy!


Now with what ever piece of wood you’ve selected, you will have to decide if it is light enough to hang on a wall. In this author case, it was not. If you do decide to hang in your home, Club Chica Circle recommends hanging strips. Overall though, if you are looking for a quick and easy project…this is probably not the project for you. If you want more fun and easy DIY and upcycling projects, check us out at or our Pinterest board for more Fun Friday projects.