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You may have noticed Google’s green doodle on Monday in honor of World Environment Day.  Appointed by the United Nations over 40 years ago, this day was designated as a means “to encourage people throughout the world to care for the environment.” (St. Lucia Times, 2017).

More than 140 nations celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th with its theme “Connecting People to Nature.” People all over the world were encouraged to get involved in their communities to make them cleaner, more beautiful places. Major cleanups took place around the world with large teams carefully removing litter from beaches and mountains. People hosted events like picnics and hikes and shared photos and videos to raise the hype.

Even governments took action and announced that they would be taking more steps to ensure a cleaner environment and world.

Keep Prince William Beautiful absolutely loves World Environment Day! We work to create a sustainable and thriving environment and community, which is exactly what World Environment Day is all about.

Although World Environment Day has already passed this year, we don’t have to stop caring for our environment. This world is beautiful place. Let’s keep it that way. Help us celebrate World Environment Day every day!


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