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Have you been burning up in the recent summer heat? Are you interested in maintaining a healthy environment in Prince William County? (You must be if you’re reading this blog!) According to meteorologists, the past six summers from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast have been the hottest on record in the past 120 years. This weekend will be no exception, with temperatures in the mid to upper-90’s. Fortunately, there is a place for you to go this weekend in order to cool down and promote stewardship initiatives at the same time! The BadWolf Brewing Company is hosting a Beat The Heat event this Sunday at their venue in Manassas, in association with Environment Virginia and the Climate Defenders Campaign. Come out and take a tour of their brewery and find out how the delicious craft beers are made using sustainable, eco-friendly methods. You can also participate in thought-provoking discussions regarding issues related to climate change, fossil fuel reductions, carbon pollution, and environmental sustainability. And of course, there will be cold beer to keep you chilled during this summer’s extreme temperatures!

Beat The Heat will be from 2:00 – 4:00pm on July 24th at BadWolf Brewing Company. More information can be found on Facebook.