Over the past few years, there has been a wave of alternative transportation hitting the market.  The hover board became very popular in 2015, but there were multiple cases of fires occurring due to the exploding batteries within the device from over charging. Ray-J, an American singer, song writer and actor, partnered with the founders of the Scoot-E-Bike to help build the Raytroniks franchise. Celebrities like Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Terrance J, and Steph Curry have already taken a new liking to this innovative device.

terranceanddiddy 300x169 - Ray J Partners with Scoot-E-Bike to Make the 'Tesla of Bikes'

Terrance J and Diddy ridding their Scoot-E-Bikes

The Scoot-E-Bike is an eco-friendly-fold-able-30 pound scooter and bike hybrid that could be a contribution to the “green, clean energy movement” said by Billy Jones who has partnered with the music mogul for this project. Jones claims that this device would be a better alternative form of transportation rather than commuting by train or catching a taxi. The bike runs on 100% electricity and it uses a rechargeable Samsung lithium battery.  The device is also Bluetooth compatible and it has its own stereo for consumers to play their music on.


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